Methyl amphetamine test strip

Methyl amphetamine test strip
Methyl amphetamine test strip
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Methamphetamine (MET) Rapid Test Kit (Immunochromatography)


Methamphetamine (MET) is a sympathomimetic amine stimulants, it is normally are used for oral, intravenous injection or snorting. After consuming, it can increase the blood pressure, heart rate, and suppress appetite and cause irritability and anxiety. If someone takes MET for a long-term or takes in high quantity, it will lead to tolerance and physical dependence; also it can lead to abuse.

This MET rapid test kit is one of urine test kits that do not require any device or equipment; it uses immune chromatographic techniques to qualitatively detect the Methamphetamine presence in the urine.


This kit uses specific antigen-antibody reaction, combining with gold-Immunochromatography assay experiment. It is highly specific and sensitive qualitative method for the detection of MET in the urine sample. When the sample is added it migrates by the capillary diffusion and rehydrates the gold-conjugate. If the concentration of MET in the sample is below 1000ng/mL, colloidal-gold antibodies cannot combine all of the MET, thus the antibodies combines with the MET conjugates on the film, and a red line appears in the test area (T). If the concentration of MET in the urine sample is higher more than 1000ng/mL, no red line appears due to the competitive reaction in the test area, but the line will appear in the control area (C).


The kit contains sample pad, colloidal-gold marked pad, nitrocellulose membrane, and absorbent paper and PVC board.


Store the kit at room temperature at 4 to 30°C, avoid direct sunlight. Keep it in the dry place; its shelf life is for 24 months. DO NOT FREEZE. Some protective measures should be taken to avoid high temperature or freeze-thaw.


The urine sample has to be collected in the plastic urine cup or the glass containers that is clean, dry, and without any contamination. If the urine is turbid, take the supernatant after centrifugation for detection, or filter out the precipitation before detection.

The sample should be tested as soon as possible, and should not be stored at room temperature for a longer time. Urine samples if not used immediately should be stored at 2 to 8 for 3 only days. For long-term preservation store it at -20 and void freeze and thaw repeatedly.


  1. Make sure the reagent is kept at room temperature for 30 minutes before testing. Instructions must be read before taking the test. Do not open the inner packaging until ready for the test; it must be used as soon as possible if opened as it may absorb moisture.

  • Strip: Remove the test device from the sealed pouch, put the end of the test strip printed with an arrow into the specimen (about 50-60μl), the interface of the urine should not exceed the MAX line, take it out after 5 seconds and place the test strip on a clean and horizontal surface.

  • Cassette: Take out the outer packing and put the cassette on the desk with the sample window up. Drop 3 drops of specimen (100μl) vertically into the circular groove of cassette.

  1. Observe the test results within 5 to 10 minutes; the result is invalid after 10 minutes.


  • Positive: One red line appears in the control region(C) means positive and no apparent red or pink line appears in the test (T) region.

  • Negative: Two distinct red lines appear. One line should be in the control region (C) and other in the test region (T).

  • Invalid: No red lines appear in both the regions, indicates operator error or reagent failure. Verify the test and repeat it with a new testing device.


  • Used for in-vitro diagnostic and urine sample test only.

  • Make sure that the right amount of sample is used for the testing procedure, too much or too low volume may lead to wrong results.

  • Use the kit within the validity period; check if the packaging is intact before use. The test results are invalid beyond the test time.

  • During the interpretation time, as long as two lines can be clearly visible (no matter the color is deep or light), the result should be judged as negative.

  • Do not use other kinds of quality control specimen to test the reagent. Components of different batches cannot be exchanged for use to avoid erroneous results.


  • This kit is only suitable for testing of MET in urine.

  • The kit is for the qualitative detection reagents and cannot determine the content of MET in the urine.


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